Coloring Sheets

The luxury coloring experience you've been searching for.

Hand drawn designs printed on large high quality thick cardstock capable of handling multiple layers of marker, ink, or acrylic paint. Each sheet is signed and numbered as part of a limited collaborative art series. Scroll to find out more or shop designs to buy your own sheet.

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Coloring Sheets

Collaborative art

Each sheet is part of a limited collaborative art series. Only 50 sheets of each design will be printed to create a unique set of colored designs from the network of people who support my work. I will take the first 5 sheets of every design to create custom works colored by me and released as I finish them. Each sheet will be signed and numbered as part of the limited series.

The series explores coloring as a collaborative art form allowing my art to take on new life that is influenced by another’s perspective and creative style. The sheet becomes a unique, melded representation of me and that person. I appreciate this shared experience and look forward to seeing your own iterations.

Join me in creating beautiful works of art.


We all resonate with symmetry, symbolism, and sacred geometries found throughout the natural and cosmic worlds. Mandala allows one to connect outwardly with the universe and inwardly with the self. Entering the mandala establishes a space for creativity that enhances concentration and enables spiritual healing, allowing one to transform their universe from one of suffering to one of joy.

Allow your subconscious to speak to you through the practice of mandala.


In this age of simplicity and minimalism I crave complex intricacy. Nature creates layers of complexity that work beneath the surface to create an illusion of simplicity that the human mind can comprehend and finds pleasing.

When starting a new coloring page, I sometimes like to draw in layers of detail to create a dense intricacy that is symbolic of this hidden complexity. Some of the coloring pages are already intricate but others are left more open to allow you to draw in your own layers of detail.


The final-colored piece is intended to be used as a tool for opening the mind and letting the subconscious free for a while. By concentrating into the mandala, you will clear a space in your mind and be open to accept what comes next.

Focus into the pattern. Notice the number resonance and the slight of hand. On the back of each page is a brief and abstract synopsis of the inspirations I had while drawing this mandala. Read this as a way to get your mind wandering and the meditation started.