akaye | angela kaye leon

I am an artist with a keen eye for complex geometries, rich textures, and crafted elements, who creates works that invigorate the senses and provide a sense of calm and structure in a chaotic world.

My artistic vision is deeply rooted in my desire to understand and celebrate the natural and cosmic beauty found in the underlying mathematics, geometry, intricacy, complexity, symmetry and proportion that define our perception of beauty. I aim to create art that balances these elements to encourage meditation and wanderlost (getting lost in wander) for mental transformation.

Inspired by sacred geometry, I believe that certain geometric shapes and patterns carry spiritual significance and are found throughout nature to heal us by way of our environment. My fascination with these concepts, coupled with my understanding of the importance of meditation and the connection between personal energy and geometry, guides my creative process. My art serves as a visual representation of this harmonious relationship and offers viewers a way to incorporate these ideas into their everyday environments. Our own personal energy can be harnessed and amplified through meditation inwardly or on objects like art that are intrinsically connected to and representative of geometry and its underlying patterns.

I believe that the unique signature in the movement of our hands, which often gets lost in digital translation, is another aspect of what attracts us to the art we love. By blending analog and digital methods, my creations capture the essence of this signature and maintain the spirit of human craftsmanship while providing an opportunity to offer these tools of artistic meditation and wanderlost to more people.

I hope that my works serve as a reminder of the profound beauty that lies in the world around us, and of the powerful energy that flows through all living things.

For custom art commissions or inquiries, please email Angela at angela@akayeart.com . To stay updated with her latest works and artistic journey, follow her on Instagram @akaye_art.

  • Angela's artistic journey began long before she can remember, as she has been exploring art and creative mediums since childhood. Throughout school, she consistently chose art classes as her electives, enabling her to explore a wide range of mediums including woodworking, charcoal, watercolor, wire sculpture, printmaking, and collage. However, Angela's favorite mediums have always been pen and pencil drawing, captivated by the fine and crisp detail she could achieve using these tools. She also appreciates the intention and permanence that comes with using a pen or pencil, as mistakes cannot simply be painted over. This love for linework is one of the reasons that architecture was a perfect fit for her and led her to fall in love with the process of creating intricate digital line drawings using modern-day architecture software and digital drawing programs.

  • With over 10 years of experience in the architecture and design industry, Angela has always been fascinated by the idea of visualizing a scene in her head and then standing in the physical space it becomes. This passion for bringing imagined visions to life influences her art, as she seeks to blend traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Her work as a designer and technologist in the architecture industry has exposed her to innovative tools such as virtual reality, real-time rendering, game engine development, computational design, and digital fabrication. These experiences and skills are sure to make their way into her future art endeavors so be sure to check in on new projects. For more information about Angela’s architecture pursuits visit her blog at https://wanderloster.com/